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This blog is a friendly place and while we love feedback from our readers, inflammatory comments are just unnecessary. Pleaseā€¦and thank you!

We read every delicious comment that comes in; if you ask a question we will try our very best to answer you via a personal email {if you leave your email address} or in the comment section of the post where you initially asked your question {so that others who may have the same question, can also get the answer!}.

Please note that comments of a purely promotional nature will be deleted automatically. If you have a product you wish to promote, contact us for ad rates.

If you see an image that has not been given the proper credit, please let us know so that it can get rectified. If an image has been used that belongs to your company, and you prefer it not be used, please email us and we will remove it asap.

Please do not use our original designs, photos or reprint our writing without getting permission from 3 Healthy Chicks, LLC first and then properly crediting the photographer and including a link back to this blog. Thank you!